We are specialised in building every aspect of your brand – from exploring the most engaging company name and developing your logo, to setting your brand guidelines and providing the marketing support which lets your brand speak with its own clear voice.
We provide you with a 3D concept, then build your stand in our state-of-the-art workshop turning your dream concept into a reality.
Exhibition Stands
You’ve been to countless exhibitions. You’ve seen the thousands of bland stands staffed by sales-warriors who try every trick in the book to get you to stop and look at what they’re selling. The battle for attention; the battle to be seen ahead of your competitors; the battle to have something that translates into sales.
Vibrand understands that no matter how hard your people work, if your stand isn’t flying your flag, if it isn’t making heads turn and jaws drop, the battle will be long, and the outcome uncertain.

Our stands are vibrant. Our stands are vivid. Our stands are vital if you want to win.
3D Concepts
3D has come to the world as something of an afterthought. How many movies that you know of have had a 3D makeover to appeal to a growing market trend, but with no thought to the integrity of the product?

Vibrand does not remake old 2D concepts; we create 3D from source, pure and simple.
In the alchemy of production, we don’t try to turn lead into gold—and fail. Vibrand creates from the germ of your idea, gold from the ore of its people’s talent. We smelt a product that glows with a purity and creativity that others struggle to obtain. Our process and our product have a vibrancy and vitality that is exclusively Vibrand.
Printing Services
As vital as the content is on anything you have your brand within, the brochures, flyers, books and catalogues you have created can never truly speak with fluency unless they take the form of art.

A Persian carpet is a fusion of its form and what it says through patterns and designs. Together they seem sublime, a thing more than the sum of all its parts—or they jar.
The vibrancy of colour, the vital urgency of words: these two things must be one. Indivisible, they cannot be unstitched. Somehow they are as inevitable as sunlight in summer. Vibrand weaves your brand between the word and image, making it unique.
Interactive Displays
Raise your hands, and magic happens: a wall becomes a face that smiles with yours. A footstep on the floor and from below a sudden moving image traps your eye; inviting you to enter its domain. A poster springs to life as you’re swiftly moving past, to hold you for a moment, your curiosity engaged.

The magic that we conjure at Vibrand is nothing from the book of some magician—unless you’re talking about the almost supernatural abilities of our IT team.
Vibrand harnesses the power of the industry’s latest technology to snare those who are passing by your stand. We captivate, enthral; we spin a web no passer-by can dare resist.

Can you?
It’s hell out there. A war is on and you need to come out on top. The big guns get your attention, and with their explosive power in the market, there’s no escaping them. Fortunately, big guns don’t win wars by themselves.
Vibrand wins its campaigns through hearts and minds. Vibrand talks to your customers in a language they understand, so they feel connected, part of your brand; they like what you’re saying, and they’ll change sides to listen to more. When we speak, your customers will act. By winning people over to your side, the big guns fade and go silent.
Ad agencies are tigers, big, beautiful, and ferocious.
Vibrand doesn’t do the tiger thing: big, cost a fortune to keep, and when in a corner, prone to turn on you.

At Vibrand we are the Siamese cat. We’re small, sleek and stunning, the perfect calm of the hunter with a beguiling gaze that hints at our true capabilities. We also cost considerably less than our larger competitors.
Put Vibrand head-to-head with a tiger and we can show you that despite the difference in size, our quick eye and our grace in action means we make a kill every time.
Web Solutions
Websites can be much like cars. The sturdy Ford; the sleek Porsche; the hand-made Bentley. A range that fits every expectation, and every pocket.

Yet unlike cars, websites are often Trabants, aging East German metal, accessorised with every gaudy extra you can think of, from the chrome wing-mirrors, to the furry dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.
Vibrant. Vital. Vivid. At Vibrand, these aren’t mere words. At Vibrand every website we design has at its heart these three core qualities. We only use what your brands need. We make sure they shine. Nothing more.
Corporate Video & Photography
While a picture can paint a thousand words, or a photograph can capture the essence of a thing, the moving image that merges speech with action speaks the most eloquently of what your brand is and what your company really stands for.

The vitality and vibrant colours of your message speak in a way that cannot be matched by any other medium. Vibrand speaks the language of your brand, the language that is spoken by your company, your people, and most importantly, the language of your customers.
Whether you speak from the web, through promotional advertising, or through the training you give your teams. Vibrand speaks in vivid signs and vibrant tongues. Vibrand speaks your language: the vital language of success.
Corporate Gifts
A gift. A small something that encapsulates your business, that speaks louder than a thousand voices. A calendar ? A desk-diary? A gold pen? Handy objects that wear your logo like gaudily-coloured pants.

A gift is an idea wrapped so closely to your brand that is seems obvious. A gift of words, of colours, of what you genuinely are as a company; what your brand actually stands for.
Vibrand brings the same vitality to its ideas for corporate gifts that we bring to every other facet of our business. You may choose to offer the calendar, the desk-diary and the gold pen, but only if they are the ambassadors to your brand they should be.
At Vibrand, imagination is the first step to choice.
Media Planning
Every chess player learns the basic moves, just as every grandmaster researches the set openings to a game. But the exceptional player, the best player, knows not just the strategies, the usual approaches, or even when to bluff and when to strike; the best player knows the other player’s mind.

In media, the moves are like the ancient game. Vibrand knows what piece goes where; what tactic to employ and when. Vibrand knows because knowing is our game—and we know it intimately.
Your brand needs a game plan. At Vibrand games are not games. We plan knowing what your brand is, and what it is not. To get to checkmate we make the unexpected moves that win over your customers.
Vibrand is your brand’s grandmaster.
Direct Marketing
There is an obvious charm in thinking big: the big TV campaign, the wall-to-wall press advertisements, the endless round of radio commercials. Big, however, does not mean successful.

You wouldn’t be in business if you had endless amounts of money to throw at indistinct markets; groups rather than individuals. Vibrand thrives on small.
The new media starts small. One carefully chosen idea can spread like a virus, bring people onto the street, can over-throw a government. Winning people over not to choose your brand, but making it as natural as breathing is what we do. A vibrant, living thing.
Your brand isn’t a choice, it’s an imperative.





 3D Design




Our Skills
Vibrand’s vitality comes from one source: our vision. Our vision also comes from one source: our people.

At Vibrand we are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. We do that thanks to a pool of incredible people: designers, artists, creative thinkers, and secretaries too. We invest in our people, that is why we get such amazing results!